Ag Mags and Readers

Agricultural Magazines for Kids

IAITC's popular Ag Mags are agricultural magazines for kids written on a variety of topics and suitable for multiple grade levels. These full-color magazine style, standards-based, cross-curricular publications can be ordered, for free, by all Illinois K-12 teachers through their County Ag Literacy Coordinator. The online interactive versions and Ag-Venture Worksheets can be accessed here. IAITC's Readers, similar in content to Ag Mags, are designed to be easily printed at school. All of the Readers are currently being translated into Spanish and should be available here by the end of 2023. Looking for our general Ag Mag and Reader Scavenger Hunts? Find them on the Worksheets page!

* = available online only

IL Teachers: Order FREE Classroom Packs of Ag Mags from your County Ag Literacy Coordinator

Illinois K-12 teachers can request classroom packs of IAITC Ag Mags from their County Ag Literacy Coordinators. Ag Mags labeled with an (*) are available online only.