IL Eggs in the Classroom

Originally filmed in the spring of 2020, these videos were intended to allow students learning from home to still experience hatching chicken eggs and help them learn more about embryology.

Day 1: Introduction to Incubation

Day 2: Poultry Vocabulary

Day 3: Egg Sizing

Day 4: Building an Egg Candler

Day 5: Candling Eggs

Day 6: Taking Care of Chicks

Day 7: Chicken Breeds

Day 8: What Is a Fertilized Egg?

Day 9: Our New Poultry Ag Mag

Day 10: Eggs and Nutrition

Day 11: Poultry Timeline

Day 12: Chicken Diets

Day 13: Eggs from Farm to Table

Day 14: Countdown to Chicks

Day 15: Countdown Continued

Week 1 Update

Week 2 Update

One Year Update