Everything Earth Day: Earth Day & Sustainability Resources

As the weather warms into spring, many teachers and students are antsy to start getting back outside during the school day. Over 95% of primary and secondary schools across the country do just that on April 22nd each year - Earth Day! This month on the blog, we will highlight our favorite Earth Day and Sustainability activities that you can use to help you celebrate.

Everything Earth Day: Earth Day & Sustainability Resources

Check out these fun facts about Earth Day:

  • Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 each year.
  • The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970.
  • Earth Day celebrations in that first year led the federal government to create the EPA - Environmental Protection Agency.
  • By 1990, Earth Day was celebrated by more than 140 countries across the globe.
  • Over one billion people celebrate Earth Day each year!

Read more about Earth Day and Sustainability:

Read more about Earth Day & Sustainability with our non-fiction text resources. Check out our Sustainability Ag Mag (4-8 grade) and Ag-Venture Worksheet, Earth Day Facts for Little Readers (K-1), and Renewable Energy Reader (Middle - High School)!

Earth Day Lessons

Needing an activity or two for your Earth Day curriculum? Check out some of these fan favorites!

Get Outside for Earth Day

Looking for activities to accompany your trip into the great outdoors on April 22nd? Look no further than these fun outdoor-themed games and scavenger hunts!

Earth Day 2024 Theme: Planet vs. Plastics

Each year, there is a different Earth Day theme to help focus the environmental efforts of Earth Day's over one billion participants. This year, the theme is Planet vs. Plastics, encouraging a 60% reduction in production of petroleum-based plastics by 2040. Looking to teach your students more about alternative plastics? Try these activities!

These are a few of our favorite... books!

Visit Earth Day's Website for More

Looking for more Earth Day resources or a history of the holiday? Visit www.earthday.org!


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