Book Grants

K-12 Teachers in Illinois can apply for $250 Book Grants from IAITC that incorporate agriculture themes into content area classrooms. 

The Book Grant application period has ended. Please check back in Spring 2023 for the 2023-2024 Book Grant offerings!

The Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom program is offering special topic grants to teachers across the state of Illinois to award and ship the books listed below. 

To apply for project funding, please complete the grant application outlining the project, goals, and desired outcomes of incorporating the books chosen. The total book value requested cannot exceed $250.00.

  • Projects should focus on integrating agriculture into a variety of curriculum areas.
  • High school ag teachers may apply with an elementary teacher if their classes or FFA Chapters are working with a specific classroom.
  • For accepted grants, books will be shipped directly to the teacher at their school.
  • The teacher will complete a Final Report by Friday, May 26, 2023.
  • You may contact your county Ag Literacy Coordinator for help with this application.
  • Application deadline is Friday, October 14, 2022.
  • Teachers selected for a book grant will be notified via email on November 11, 2022.
  • If selected, a Funding Agreement must be completed and signed by the teacher and building principal. The deadline to complete the form is December 9, 2022. Funding Agreements not completed by the deadline will forfeit the grant and no books will be shipped.
  • A Final Report and project evaluation is due by May 26, 2023.

Book Grant Categories and Titles Available
Please note: Teachers must choose books from just one category in their applications.

 STEM in Agriculture

The Great Pumpkin Smash by Lori Haskins Houran (K-3) Paperback - $4
Time to Shine by Catherine Daly (K-3) Paperback - $4
How to Grow a Monster by Kiki Thorpe (K-3) Paperback - $4
The Runaway Chicken by Kiki Thorpe (K-3) Paperback - $4
Slime King by Catherine Daly (K-3) Paperback - $4
7 Days Till Ice Cream by Bernardo Feliciano (K-3) Paperback - $4


The Pig War by Emma Bland (2-4) Hardcover - $10
Tales of the Dairy Godmother: Chuck's Ice Cream Wish by Viola Butler (K-3) Hardcover - $15
Sonya's Chickens by Phoebe Wahl (PK-2) Paperback - $5
Barn at Night by Michelle Houts (K-3) Hardcover - $15
So You Want to Knit Some Mittens by Laura Purdie Salas (K-3) Hardcover - $10


I Love Strawberries by Shannon Anderson (K-3) Hardcover - $15
Winged Wonders: Solving the Monarch Migration Mystery by Meeg Pincus (1-4) Hardcover - $12
Thankful by Elaine Vickers (K-3) Hardcover - $10
Zee Grows a Tree by Elizabeth Rusch (K-3) Hardcover - $10

Food and Culture

Magic Ramen by Andrea Wang (PK-2) Hardcover - $13
Let Me Fix You a Plate: A Tale of Two Kitchens by Elizabeth Lilly (K-3) Hardcover - $13
Feasts and Festivals Around the World: From Lunar New Year to Christmas by Alice B. McGinty (K-3) Hardcover - $12
Saturday at the Food Pantry by Diane O'Neill (PK-2) Hardcover - $12 
Watercress by Andrea Wang (K-4) Hardcover - $12

Illinois Authors

The Superlative A. Lincoln by Eileen Meyer (K-4) Hardcover - $9
Pick a Pumpkin by Patricia Toht (PK-2) Paperback - $5
The Inventor's Secret by Suzanne Slade (K-3) Hardcover - $12 
The Water Lady by Alice B. McGinty (K-3) Hardcover - $10
The Buzzy Bee Book for Kids by Alice B. McGinty (PK-2) Paperback - $7

 Ag in Past, Present, and Fictional Worlds (Jr./Sr. High Collection)

Prairie Lotus by Linda Sue Park (5-8) Paperback - $6
Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix (5-9) Paperback - $5
Weedflower by Cynthia Kadohata (5-9) Paperback - $5
The Snow Feel Three Graves Deep (9-12) Paperback - $8 
Flip the Bird by Kym Brunner (7-12) Paperback - $6