Back to School with Agriculture!

Back to School with Agriculture!

Welcome to the new school year! Agriculture is an important part of nearly all aspects of our daily lives. As students return to school this fall, be sure to show them all the amazing connections between their new school supplies and agriculture! You can request our "Back to School with Agriculture" posters for free from your local county ag literacy coordinator

Check out our "Back to School with Ag" lesson to further show students the role agriculture plays in the supplies they use at school every day.

Welcome to an exciting new school year! We are here to help you find new ways to incorporate agriculture themes into your content area classroom this year.


iREAD 2023

Check out Illinois Ag in the Classroom's iREAD 2023 Summer Reading Companion, complete with ag-accurate book recommendations and accompanying IAITC lessons all aligned with iREAD's summer 2023 theme: Find Your Voice!