Our "zines" are a great way to give students fun, bite-sized information along with cross-curricular activities to help them learn about a variety of agricultural topics. Scroll down to find folding directions and all current "zine" topics!

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2nd-3rd Grade


Rows of Resources: Corn and Soybean Activities

Thanks to April showers aplenty this year, most Illinois farmers will spend the first part of this month planting rows and rows of Illinois' top agriculture commodities: corn and soybeans, and we will follow suit by sharing rows and rows of our favorite corn and soybean resources!

STEM and Inquiry in Agriculture

Fun, hands-on activities to get students thinking and problem solving by carrying out STEM and inquiry challenges with connections to agriculture.

Everything Earth Day: Earth Day & Sustainability Resources

As the weather warms into spring, many teachers and students are antsy to start getting back outside during the school day. Over 95% of primary and secondary schools across the country do just that on April 22nd each year - Earth Day! This month on the blog, we will highlight our favorite Earth Day and Sustainability activities that you can use to help you celebrate.