Chickens, Ducks, and Turkeys, Oh My!

It’s November, which means, turkey day is just around the corner! To get you prepared, Illinois Ag in the Classroom has an 'egg-cellent' collection of poultry lessons! The term poultry refers to chickens, turkeys, ducks, ostriches, emus, quail, pheasants, and geese. From egg anatomy to pudding cup turkeys, check out what IAITC has to offer.

Check out these fun poultry facts:

  • National Poultry Day is March 19th
  • An eggshell may have as many as 17,000 tiny pores over its surface
  • Illinois has over 5 million chickens
  • You can tell what color egg a hen will lay by the color of her earlobes
  • A hen lays about 300 eggs a year
  • Chickens raised for their meat are called broilers
Chickens, Ducks, and Turkeys, Oh My!

Ag Mag + An Ag-Venture

Read about all things poultry with our Poultry Ag Mag and Ag-Venture. This is a great classroom activity for 4th through 8th graders. Use the Ag-Venture with Poultry activity hand in hand with the Ag Mag. These two resources paired together make the perfect connection for students!


Recommended Reading

"The Interrupting Chicken" by David Ezra Stein
"Sonya's Chickens" by Phoebe Wahl
"Big Chickens" by Leslie Helakoski
"Mr. Watson's Chickens" by Jarrett Dapier
"What Will Hatch?" by Jennifer Ward
"The Good Egg" by Jory John and Pete Oswald
"Chicks and Salsa" by Aaron Reynolds
"The Chicken Chasing Queen of Lamar County" by Janice N. Harrington

Turkey Pudding Cups

This lesson is designed to be a fun, hands-on activity that introduces students to facts about poultry and to talk about nutrition. From reading "Gracias the Thanksgiving Turkey" to creating the turkeys, students will 'gobble' with laughter at this unique activity.

Science + Egg Production

Eggs are so fascinating! Check out these science-based egg-citing lessons about eggs anatomy!


Click on the picture to link to each lesson.

Shell Porosity
Shell Porosity
Egg-Cellent Embryology
Egg-Cellent Embryology
Egg Anatomy
Egg Anatomy

Chicken Wing, Chicken Wing...

Despite the popularity of chicken wings as a snack or meal item, many people do not realize the similarities between chicken wings and the human arm. By dissecting a chicken wing, students can identify the parts of the wing that mirror those of a human arm. That is exactly what students get to do in our less "Chicken Wings!"


Check it out here:

Poultry Jeopardy

What’s more fun than learning while playing a game? We're pretty sure this is just about as good as it gets! Students will create their own Jeopardy-style game by researching poultry facts. Think about all the fun categories they could come up with…

Have we 'cracked' open an interest??

Illinois Ag in the Classroom has many more poultry resources check them all out!


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